The Point of the Journey...

17 October
Just the basics for now. This journal captures snippets of my life. It began as a fitness journal. It still is but now there's so much more.

I'm male, 40ish. Married to J, who also has a PhD. We have two sons, T, who is 9 years old, and R, who is 6. We have a dog named Murphy and a cat named Mooch. We saved both their lives. I'm a private person with an online journal. I'm a linear thinker who makes nonlinear connections. I'm a human Mobius strip. I love life. It wasn't always so. A bit more about me: http://www.livejournal.com/users/bd1/21328.html

I wasn't a runner but then I was. I ran 4-6 days a week and I usually mentioned something about my fitness related efforts in my entries. Then I became stressed, depressed, and other bad stuff and my fitness went out the window again. Now I'm back at it. This is my fitness challenge.

I have run exactly two races in my life. The first was the 2004 Steamtown Marathon. Here are the notes from my marathon: http://www.livejournal.com/users/bd1/3779.html. The second was a local 10k. I ran 6.2 miles at a 7:01 pace. Here are notes from some of my other memorable runs:

I'm not a fast runner compared to the gazelles and aliens of the elite running world but I'm a lot faster than I was when I started. Here are my personal records (PRs):
1 Mile: 5:56 6:07;6:08;6:20 (unofficial but accurate)
1.5 Miles: 9:33 (unofficial but accurate)
5K: 21:25 (6.9 min/mile pace;21:37 (6.9 min/mile pace; 22:00 (7.1 min/mile pace); 24:15 (7.8 min/mile pace); unofficial but accurate)
10K: 43:37 (7.02 min/mile pace);48:04 (7.75 min/mile pace);48:18 (7.8 min/mile pace);48:30 (7.8 min/mile pace);52:06 (8.4 min/mile pace); unofficial but accurate)
7.1 Miles: 56:40 (8 min/mile pace; unofficial but accurate)
10 Miles: 85:00 (8.5 min/mile pace; unofficial and approximate; it could have been slightly faster or slower)
13.1 Miles: 1:59:15 (9.1 min/mile pace; unofficial and approximate)
26.2 Miles: slightly less than 4:30 (10.3 min/mile pace; official).

30 Minutes rowing on the Concept 2 at maximum drag: 7640 meters (1:57.8/500 meters)7530 meters (1:59.5/500 meters)

About the title. The point of the journey...is not to arrive. Inspired by the lyrics from "Prime Mover" by Rush (http://www.lyricsdomain.com/18/rush/prime_mover.html). An apt metaphor for many things. Life. Family. My marathon.

The second choice for the title was "Make it Real" inspired by lyrics from the Scorpions (http://www.lyricsdomain.com/19/scorpions/make_it_real.html). I used the Scorpions to get me through college while I was working to pay for my education. Woke and played that particular song every morning because I was struggling to create a new reality for myself.

I used to listen to heavy metal all the time. There's a reason for that. Now I mostly listen to jazz and classical although I enjoy many different types of music.

Ideas for both titles come from lyrics that others have written. Yes, I have not a single original bone in my body. I simply borrow from the wonderful ideas of others and incorporate them into my world. Some would call it innovative integration. Others would call it plagiarism. The main difference is whether or not the source was cited. There, I've cited them. I am a research scientist who publishes in top journals. Would you expect anything less?

A final thing. BD1 does not refer to my name or initials or how I think of myself. BD refers to Blue Dial 1. I have a watch with a blue dial face and a yellow gold case. It's a Lange 1, which is an amazing handwound mechanical watch. There were only about 50 of the blue dial/yellow gold combinations ever made. L1s are like art that you wear and I wear mine almost every day.

Thanks for dropping by. Want more? Read on.

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